Food Styling with Flowers

by admin - September 5th, 2010.
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Food styling is a new interest of mine since opening our Vancouver B&B last February, and I’ve recently discovered that it combines amazingly well with an old love – that of gardening. What an amazing gift our gardens are! Not only do they bring us joy as we plant the little seeds and watch them sprout, then get tiny little leaves, then one day burst into blossom!  They bring us bees happily pollinating the flowers, butterflies dancing from plant to plant and robins grubbing around in the dirt that we just freshly dug!  They warm our hearts as we look out our windows and are awestruck but the brilliant colours and textures, grasses waving gently in the breeze, our kiwi plant that looks like it’s trying to grow it’s very own stairway to heaven and grape vines that actually one day appeared inside of our computer room window (guess we need to do something about sealing that window tighter!)!  What pleasure we experience as we pick and savor the very first strawberry or succulent peach or sun warmed blackberry!  But, for me this summer, one of the wonderful benefits of my garden has been the abundance of ever changing garnishes for my guest breakfasts!  What joy to grab a pair of scissors early each morning and just wander in the garden and find glorious combinations of fruits, flowers and leaves that bring a gorgeous finishing touch to every breakfast dish we serve!  Herbs of every kind, grape leaves, fig leaves, petunias, pansies, brilliant geraniums, tiny little pink sweetheart rose buds, a proliferation of hibiscus, garlic flowers, squash flowers, and the list goes on. I think I will let the photos tell the rest of this story!