Vancouver Foodie Favourites – Aphrodites Cafe & Pie Shop

by admin - May 12th, 2011.
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We are often asked for suggestions of where to eat in Vancouver, which is definitely one of the trickiest questions for any B&B, guest house or hotel employee.  Restaurant preferences are so subjective to each person, what their expectations are and what they like, etc., that it can definitely be difficult to make a recommendation. However, when I am new in a city, I love to hear about those places that locals frequent – where they go on a regular basis, as well as where they go for special occasions.  My thought is to do an occasional post about those places in Vancouver where my friends and family members like to go. Since Mothers’ day just passed, and I was treated to a lovely day out with my daughter and grand daughter, the places we went seem like a good place to start.  This is to be the first of hopefully a series of posts about wonderful food in Vancouver – special places in our beautiful city that offer something that makes our taste buds tingle!

Since we were on the west side of Vancouver, we couldn’t drive by Aphrodites Cafe & Pie Shop without stopping for a treat. This cute little cafe definitely fits all of the criteria of a foodie favourite – organic, local, green and delicious! If you haven’t been there, it’s highly recommended as a place to satisfy that longing for wholesome treats like your grandmother used to make!  Their philosophy, as copied from their website, states that “Aphrodite’s takes pride in serving the finest local organic food available in Vancouver. We aim to work directly with local organic farms to ensure that our menu has the smallest ecological footprint possible.”    What’s not to like about a little cafe that is trying to bring back real, wholesome food that tastes amazing! Well, to be fair, we’ve never eaten lunch or dinner there because we just can’t seem to get by their organic, home made pie menu, but what we’ve tried has been wonderful!

I must interject at this point that organic and wholesome doesn’t come cheap as a slice of pie  ranges in price from $7.25 to $9.25.  But everyone deserves a treat now and then! Our flavour choices this time were banana chocolate, chocolate raspberry, and chocolate pecan – seems we were on a bit of a chocolate theme! My favourite was definitely the chocolate raspberry cream – wow! About 3″ high and delicious!  The banana chocolate was a close second, and my grand daughter’s favourite. We had a piece of pie each and shared them around, but we could easily have all shared one piece and been quite satisfied. We couldn’t finish it all and had to bring a treat home for someone who didn’t get to go on our “girls’ day out”!

Chocolate Raspberry Cream

Although we didn’t have lunch, the food going by looked gorgeous and we would definitely like to give it a try another time.  Check out their website: