A Bee-view of “the Drive” – Zawa Restaurant

by admin - December 6th, 2011.
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First, I must apologize because the links on our Bee & Thistle Guest House blog posts are not working properly and therefore our posts on Facebook take our readers to an error page. We hope to have that fixed very soon.

Zawa Restaurant at 920 Commercial Drive is the second restaurant we are reviewing on our “tasting the Drive” project. Truthfully, though, it was the first one we tried because we were going out with friends one evening and we wanted to take them to a full menu restaurant, rather than the coffee shop that actually is the first establishment up from Venables St. We have often walked by Zawa and noticed their great patio and the sandwich board advertising drink and food specials, but had not eaten there in years.

The Bee & Thistle Guest House / B&B is only two blocks from Zawa, so it’s not surprising that several of our guests have tried this restaurant, coming back with mixed reviews. We did have one wonderful woman from Australia who loved the place and ate there every night of her stay, but others have been less impressed. On the night of our visit, the weather was nice so we did venture out on the patio (under the heaters it’s actually very pleasant). Our initial impression was of a very extensive menu, so it was difficult to make a food choice. One of our friends finally opted for Penne a la Toscana ($12.99), the other had a Chicken Hot Pot ($13.99). I have been doing too much tasting when preparing our B&B breakfasts, so went the conservative calorie route with a Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad ($10.99). Michael had a Deluxe Beef Burger with Fries ($10.99). Our friends commented that their food was “not the best they ever had but not really bad”. Unfortunately, my salad veggies were very wilted, but Michael enjoyed the burger. We each had wine or beer with our food and felt the drink prices were very reasonable.

Our conclusion was much more difficult this time. Some positives – extensive menu, reasonably priced drinks, great patio, and a server who was lovely. In reading Yelp and other reviews today, I see that the restaurant is only averaging 2 1/2 stars on both Yelp and TripAdvisor. I’m not sure that we would have rated it quite that low. Maybe being out with good friends influenced us, but our experience was okay, if not amazing. Several comments we read did suggest that the vegan and vegetarian options were good, as well as their breakfasts, so they may be worth a try (but of course we do hope that no one who stays with us at the Bee & Thistle Guest House will ever have to look for another place for breakfast!). There are many great restaurants & coffee shops on the Drive still to explore – Pane Vero Coffee Shop up next!