Breakfast While You Shower! – We Introduce Hand Made Soap to Our Guest Rooms

by admin - March 8th, 2012.
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What would you get if you mixed cinnamon essential oil, fresh ground coffee and water?  Sounds a lot like Mexican coffee, or one of our favourite breakfast starters – cinnamon buns and piping hot coffee, but actually it’s what you will get if you shower with our lovely new hand made soap, scented with cinnamon and laced with a healthy dose of ground coffee!

As a Bed & Breakfast in Vancouver, a city striving to be the greenest in Canada, we are very excited about our recent partnership with Lakewood Lye Handmade Soap, a local artisan company which hand crafts soaps and bath products using 100% natural vegetable, coconut and olive oils, natural clays, spices and plant based ingredients, scented only with 100% pure and natural essential oil – no artificial colors or scents. It’s absolutely wonderful to partner with a company which shares many of our own philosophies, including buying locally, being as “green” as possible, recycling, natural ingredients, etc.  Lakewood Soaps is located only a few blocks from the Bee & Thistle Guest House, so you can’t get much more “local”, and their wonderful selection of products includes Coffee & Cinnamon Soap and Natural Vanilla Soap, two luscious flavors that seem like an obvious choice for a guest house specializing in decadent breakfasts!  Nothing like awakening your appetite for breakfast with these wonderful scents mingling with those of the fresh baked scones, muffins or cinnamon buns wafting up the stairs to your room!

Like many B&B owners, we have long been concerned about providing those lovely small little bars of soap in our guest rooms, knowing that most of them end up in the  garbage at the end of a guest’s stay having only been used a few times.  With the help of Lakewood Soaps, we discovered that there is a local non-profit group called Mission Possible that recycles soap and makes it available to people in need. We spoke with them today and found that they are in transition right now but anticipate that they will be back in operation in a couple of weeks or so, not only providing a wonderful “green” service, but also providing jobs for women living in the lower east side of Vancouver. Lakewood Soaps is similarly exploring the potential for recycling their wonderful hand made soap, which would make us very happy.  It just seems wrong to throw away a product that is so lovely, without using up every little bit of it!

Okay, so here’s the best part.  It’s wonderful that these products are made with ingredients that we hope are much kinder to both the environment and our skin, but the bottom line is that they are fantastic to use!  They are silky smooth on one’s skin and smell heavenly.   We hope that our guests will enjoy this little touch of luxury. And we hope some of them will support this fledgling soap company by purchasing products from the little supply we have on display. Our selection includes soaps with scents of Cinnamon Coffee, Peppermint Green Clay, Lavender Oatmeal, and Bath Salts of Lavender or Orange Bergamot.  We also have a sample Gift Basket, which would be lovely for a new mom or an old friend, but is so reasonably priced that it could even be a hostess gift instead of a bottle of wine or bouquet of flowers. Thank you, Lakewood Lye Handmade Soaps! We wish you much success!