A Bee-View of the Drive – Megabite Pizza

by admin - March 4th, 2012.
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I, and my waistline, are happy to say that this is the last pizza place that we will be reviewing for a few blocks, at least!  Again, just down the street from the Bee & Thistle Guest House, Megabite is pretty much what you would expect from a pizza chain in Vancouver – not spectacular, but not bad.  Do we order from there? Yes, sometimes – in fact we picked up a couple of pizzas from them on Monday when our family was here for a pizza night, so we didn’t even have to make a special visit for our review.  When we do order from them it’s primarily because they are well priced and very convenient, plus our grand children have decided they like the Greek Specialty Pizza with Baby Spinach, Caramelized Onions, Sun Dried Tomatoes, Kalamata Olives and Feta Cheese ($17.99 for a “large” if purchased individually).   Our second pizza choice this time was the Sicilian, which included Ham, Capicolla, Italian Sausage, Chorizo and Sauteed Mushrooms (also $17.99 for a “large” if purchased individually).  However, they do currently have a “Megabite Deal” with two Specialty pizzas priced at $28.99 for “large” – very reasonable. We were pretty okay with both of these choices, although we have had some varieties in the past that we didn’t like as much. One of those was the Classic Italian – both my grand daughter and myself agreed we don’t like their Genoa Salami – or maybe all Genoa Salami, we don’t really know which, since we perhaps haven’t eaten it anywhere else.

When I popped by the Megabite at 1110 Commercial Drive yesterday (there’s another one further up the Drive) to pick up some menus and take a couple of photos, the cashier was very friendly and helpful and the store front appeared clean and well maintained.

They do also have a nice selection of pizza by the slice at $1.79, plus tax.   Interestingly, they also offer Poutine for $5.99 (surprising in a pizza shop?!) and Chicken Wings in hot, barbeque or honey garlic, 10 pieces for $7.99 or 20 pieces for $14.99.

I tried to find the usual Yelp or other reviews for this pizza place but all seemed to be referring to the Megabite location at Broadway, rather than the one at Commercial & Napier St.  Since the food is probably similar, I thought it would be reasonable to use those ratings for the food but not the service or quality of the store front. Yelpers gave it 2.5 stars, Urban Spoon 4 stars, DineHere 2.5 stars, and TripAdvisor 3.5 stars.  I didn’t work out the average, but probably about 3 or 3.5 stars on average.   So, I end this report as I began – not spectacular but not bad. If you want a quick pizza and you’re in the neighborhood, Megabite will serve the purpose.