A Bee-View of “the Drive” – Freshslice Pizza

by admin - June 7th, 2012.
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The next restaurant on our reviewing journey up the Drive is actually Fets Bar & Grill, but we plan to go there with our kids so we skipped over it for this week and on to the next eating establishment on “the Drive”.  Just when we thought we were past all of the pizza joints, here we are at another one – Freshslice Pizza at 1268 Commercial Drive, only a couple of blocks up from our Vancouver bed and breakfast. Can you tell yet by the numerous Italian restaurants that this neighborhood still retains much of the flavour of its’ Italian roots?  And that’s a wonderful thing – we love everything Italian…..especially, wandering the streets of Rome, munching on our favorite focaccia bread dripping in olive oil while sitting in the sun in Vernazza, or…..but I digress! Unfortunately, I’m not sure that Freshslice Pizza reminds us at all of Italy. Yet it appears to be a fairly successful restaurant chain with many locations in Vancouver and elsewhere. Of course, like everything, it does depend on what you are looking for – Freshslice, as its’ name suggests, is perhaps attempting to offer a slightly healthier version of everyone’s favourite fast food.

The concept is definitely one I should consider, as I often am reminded that we should be eating healthier, but I must confess that I prefer my pizza to be laden with bubbly brown cheese, Italian sausage, pepperoni, salami (and the list goes on), with perhaps a few token veggies to ease my conscience (do olives count as veggies?)!  However, it does seem that Freshslice is filling a niche for people who would like to indulge their craving for pizza without having to feel guilty for the next week!  They also advertize “Take n’ Bake” pizza, i.e. for a significantly reduced price you can pick up a freshly made pizza and pop it into your oven at home.  Definitely a good idea – both thrifty and handy for those days when you want to pick up the pizza ahead of time and bake it when you want it hot out of the oven. This might be perfect for our B&B guests who choose the Loft so they can hibernate from the world and relax for a couple of days with their feet up in front of the fire, hoping to not have to go out, even for food. Not everyone comes to Vancouver for our fabulous restaurants!

So, on to our own experience at Freshslice when we popped in yesterday for a little bite.  As well as a full menu of pizza flavours, they do have pizza by the slice  for as low as $1.49, spaghetti @ $4.00, lasagna @ $5.00 and even a baked omelet for $2.99. We weren’t actually very hungry, so we decided to simply share a small pizza and a salad, knowing full well that we should keep our expectations low when ordering a salad at a take-out pizza place. Michael got to choose the pizza so he decided on a their Super Pesto Feast for $8.50 (pick up or dine in only. When ordering for delivery the same pizza is $11.50), and I ordered a Caesar salad for $3.00 (okay, so I’m a cheap date!).

Michael thought the pizza was okay – not amazing, but adequate. My salad was basically a box of chopped Romaine lettuce with a package each of dressing, grated parmesan and croutons. But, what would one expect in a $3.00 Caesar salad? At least the lettuce was crisp, not wilted like it often is in fast food places.

UrbanSpoon reviewers only gave the Commercial Drive location of Freshslice 2 1/2 stars, but this was based on only one review so there definitely needs to be more reviews to be considered a valid rating. Interestingly, other locations of this restaurant chain do score 3 – 4 stars. The average rating on Yelp is 3 stars, but there are a couple of 4 star reviews from people who live in the neighborhood and really love it.  Particularly, one person commented on the friendly staff and this was definitely our experience as well.  A good way to end this review on a positive note might be with the comment from one happy patron on Yelp – “Good selection of yummy pizza for cheap!”  There you go – it depends on what you are looking for!