A Bee-View of the Drive – Turks Coffee Lounge

by admin - July 1st, 2012.
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Sometimes all you want is a good cup of coffee and quality time with friends and, if that’s what you are craving, Turks Coffee Lounge at 1276 Commercial Drive is the perfect place for you.  Cozy, warm, ok coffee and very close to the Bee & Thistle Guest House – what more could you ask for?  Well, to be honest, we are hoping you like our coffee better and enjoy it with one of our own decadent breakfasts, but if you need a “pick-me-up” later in the day you won’t go wrong with Turks.

This little coffee shop doesn’t pretend to be anything more – no sandwiches, soup or gourmet ice cream.  They pretty much stick with a variety of coffee creations, hot chocolate and a few treats such as cookies, tarts and some pretty wonderful cinnamon buns brought in fresh from a local bakery.

We frequented Turks fairly regularly when we were in the planning phase of opening our B&B as it was a good place to go and hang out with a coffee and a newspaper when we needed a distraction.  Although we noticed some reviews that said there are cheaper places on the Drive, Turk’s prices seem reasonable @ $2.37 or $3.26 for an Americano, $1.42, $1.65 or $2.10 for regular coffee, or $3.26 or $4.29 for hot chocolate.  Our grand daughter came along for coffee when we did our review visit and she thought the butter tartlet tasted home made.

Reviews on Yelp result in an average rating of 3 1/2 stars, DineHere an average of 3 stars, and  UrbanSpoon gives it an average of 4 stars, but with an interesting mix of comments. It seems UrbanSpooners either very much like it or very much don’t like it.  One review I read included a comment on the art display, which is something that we also noticed.  They have a great display of artwork by local artists and it might be worth a visit just to check it out.  Overall, we still like Turks because of the comfy ambiance and the nice feeling of being in a place where friends and neighbors meet to share a little bit of their day and enjoy a chat over a simple cup of coffee.  Almost a lost form of entertainment in our hectic culture, but definitely one worth preserving!