Breakfast In The Neighborhood

Our goal at the Bee & Thistle Guest House is to give our guests a wonderful experience of Vancouver and what better way to do that than to introduce them to our wonderful food scene?  Vancouver is a wonderful blend of cultures, which is reflected in our food. To come to Vancouver and not wander our neighborhoods and check out our fantastic food culture would be to miss a good part of what Vancouver is all about.

The Bee & Thistle is located near Commercial Drive, known locally as “the Drive, which was the original Italian area of Vancouver but which over the years emerged as a popular destination for foodies, or anyone, seeking to satisfy their taste buds with flavors from around the world.

Staying in this neighborhood and exploring the restaurants of Commercial Drive is an opportunity to experience the “real” Vancouver – vibrant, multi-cultural, and fun! This original Italian neighborhood of Vancouver has diversified into a foodie haven, with more than 60 restaurants, cafes and coffee shops within easy walking distance, offering a wide variety of food options too numerous to list, but including a top rated French Bistro, numerous Japanese, Thai, Vietnamese, African, Mexican, Jamaican, Belgian, Cuban, etc. etc, restaurants, plus coffee shops, bakeries, delis, and the list goes on… We are always happy to assist with recommendations to fit with your taste and budget.

As you walk down the street you can sample coffee and baked goods at any of the numerous coffee shops & bakeries, Pulled Pork Benny at Havana’s Cuban Restaurant, reportedly the best croissants in Vancouver at Moja Coffee Shop, fantastic bagels at Rosemary & Rock Salt, Andouille Hash at Fets Whisky Kitchen, healthy Sprouted Buckwheat Granola & great healthy smoothies at Eternal Abundance Vegan Restaurant, a budget breakfast or “Mega Baconator Caesar” at the Storm Crow Brewing Company, “modern Mexican” food at La Mezcaleria, all day breakfast at Joe’s Grill, or a wholesome & economical vegetarian breakfast burrito at Bandidas Taqueria. If those suggestions don’t tickle your tastebuds, there are several great diners on nearby Hastings & Cordova Streets such as great waffles, etc. at Scandalicious (Scandinavian cuisine – opens at 7:00 a.m. with a $5.99 bacon or sausage & egg breakfast on weekdays), yummy truffle potatoes at Yolks (usually with a lineup), Pulled Pork Pancakes with Bourbon Syrup at the Red Wagon and, one that we haven’t yet tried but it’s getting good reviews, Jackalope’s Neighborhood Dive for their “Southern Comfort” Brunch. This list is by no means a complete list of the restaurants in our neighborhood, but just a sample of what you can expect to find. Come and see for yourself and let us know your favorite restaurant “find”!

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